About Us

Hello, We are

RE Design

RE Design is a culmination of the 3 founding partners’ desire to provide creative design solutions to our clients. We seek to explore if the common solutions practiced currently is still relevant in today’s fast changing world and research alternative ways of approaching challenges. This approach have since been recognized by the industry, reflected via the international awards won.

Introducing Ourselves

RE Design Teo

Hi, I’m Edward

With 20 years of experience in designing projects of multitude scales in China, Korea, United States and Malaysia, the philosophy is that good design must be aesthetically excellent, functionally efficient, and environmentally responsible.

RE Design Boon

Hi, I’m Boon

Having experience in projects from boutique residences to master plannings, from Australia to China, the challenge is always about making spaces of joy no matter the scale and location.

RE Design Halim

Hi, I’m Halim

Growing up in Indonesia and trained in both UK and Germany, the people, culture, greenery of each location has influenced my perception of architecture; that it is a realm to explore the intrinsic meaning to live as a human being: the root of architecture.

Our Experience

With our global project experience, we are dedicated to bringing the best of the world to you.

RE Design Project Experience Location Map